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Angelfish Market Research Invitation – AF2631
Who are Angelfish?

We are an independent market research agency that searches for people who are interested in giving their opinion on new products and services. Please visit our website for more information at

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for parents living in Belfast to take part in an exclusive study on the topic of your ‘Life at Home’ for a leading retailer! We’re specifically interested in speaking to families with children living in the household. 

We want to speak to real households, and are keen to explore the things you love about your home, how your home is used, how it makes you feel, and the things that frustrate you and that you perhaps wish you could change. 
The what, when & thank you…
  • WHAT: A 2-week individual online blog – approx. 15 mins participation per day
  • WHEN: Taking place Monday 14th – Sunday 27th January 2019
  • THANK YOU: You will receive £130 Amazon electronic gift card, paid within 3 weeks of completion.
The how...

Complete the online application and if you’re initially eligible, we’ll give you a call! Click ‘next’ to start!