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We have an exclusive opportunity for respondents aged 20+ to taste test some different toothpastes for a major global brand!

The what…
  • Attend 4 x 30-minute appointments at a location in Brentford (TW8)
  • The project itself will involve you trying 4 x different toothpastes over a 4 or 5 week period.
  • Involves using a galvanic skin response device as part of our test (a painless clip attached to your finger that helps measure your reactions to the toothpaste)
  • Each interview will involve trying a toothpaste and then feeding back on what you think about the flavour
  • Your feedback will be really valuable to the team who are really interested to see what you think!
The when…
  • The available slots will be over 6 weeks between 21st January – 1st March
  • We have lots of different time slots available across all weekdays!
The thank you…
  • £90 electronic Amazon voucher for completing all 4 sessions successfully;
    • You will receive £30 after the first 2 sessions
    • You will receive the final £60 after the final 2 sessions
The how…
Complete the online application and if you’re initially eligible, we’ll give you a call! Click ‘next’ to start!